A printed volume designed to hold your words, your stories, your lessons learned, and share them with the world. A compilation of stories from youth and adults who have experienced foster care or the trauma that leads to it.

This is a bit of an experiment, and experience, and an art expression all rolled into one.

Your story matters. The world has something to learn from you. When you share your story, you empower others to share theirs as well. And when we share our stories, we realize that we're not alone.

Think Instagram post. Something thought out and powerful. We want people to hear what you have to say and be impacted. Share an image, a piece of art, and a story to accompany it.

Imagine a blank page in a book. How would you fill it? Share your story - not just what happened to you, but how you overcame it. Not just the events, but the lessons learned.

Once we review all submissions, we'll choose and compile the ones that fit together cohesively in a book.

Then we'll launch the printing campaign. We'll work together to raise the money to cover the printing, and get the books out in to the world.

Can you think of people or communities who would want to know about this? Share this with them. Encourage others to submit.

This is a community effort, and we will accomplish great things together